Sunday, 8 August 2010


Did you know that as well as my blog here, Joe Hunter also has his own dedicated blog spot where you can learn much more about everyone's favourite tough guy with a heart (without having to suffer my ramblings)? Take a look over and if you like it, hit the follow button and become one of Joe Hunter's Fixers.

There are many links to short stories - some featuring Joe Hunter (by me) and some in the all action style of Joe (by guest writers) - all of which are great reads. Also you will find Q&A's with both Joe Hunter and Rink, as well as articles about Joe's World, plus video trailers of the books.

All you have to do is double-tap here


Sue H said...

You're preaching to the converted, here, Matt! ;-p

(Anyway - I thought you were on yer hols?)

Mike Wilkerson said...

Hell, why didn't you tell us a long time ago we could go somewhere and learn about Joe without listening to you? Would have saved me a lot of pain, heart ache, discomfort...

Wink, wink.

I'll check it out and thanks.