Saturday, 13 March 2010

The voting is now open

The voting is now open over at JOE HUNTER'S FIXERS to determine the top three stories in the competition to win a signed first edition hardback copy of SLASH AND BURN. Please click the link above and vote for your favourite read.


David Barber said...

Gutted I missed the deadline Matt. Work and other things took up most of my time. I will be reading and voting though and I'll send my story over to TK'n'C.

Good on you for doing the comp though.

Matt Hilton said...

I was expecting one in from you Dave and was watching the clock last night. Never mind. Like you say it'll be a good un' for over at TKnC.

I might even keep JOE HUNTER's FIXERS on as a fan site and it could maybe still have a home there - unless you sell it of course.

David Barber said...

I'll send it over to you and let you decide where to post it. It might be a good idea to keep the site open as a 'sister site' to TK'n'C for stories in that style.

Like the new book cover by the way.

Matt Hilton said...

Yeah, I think I'll keep it going.

It's somewhere I can also add Joe Hunter specific stuff, whereas my own blog's more about my writing career etc.