Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Talk about being blown away!

It is with great pleasure, and not a little shock, that I announce the following news:

My first Joe Hunter thriller, Dead Men's Dust, has been shortlisted  as a finalist for the International Thriller Writers 2010 Thriller Awards in the BEST FIRST NOVEL category. Considering the superb books published during the past year I am overjoyed and awestruck that I made the list. The winner of the award will be announced at the Awards ceremony at Thrillerfest on July 10th

Below is the full list of categories and shortlisted authors/books

Best Hard Cover Novel:

VANISHED by Joseph Finder

LONG LOST by Harlan Coben

FEAR THE WORST by Linwood Barclay

THE NEIGHBOR by Lisa Gardner

THE RENEGADES by T. Jefferson Parker

Best Paperback Original:

SHADOW SEASON by Tom Piccirilli

URGE TO KILL by John Lutz


THE COLDEST MILE by Tom Piccirilli

NO MERCY by John Gilstrap

Best First Novel:

FRAGMENT by Warren Fahy

DEAD MEN'S DUST by Matt Hilton


DRACULA: THE UN-DEAD by Dacre Stoker

RUNNING FROM THE DEVIL by Jamie Freveletti

Best Short Story:


A STAB IN THE HEART by Twist Phelan


ICED by Harry Hunsicker

BOLDT'S BROKEN ANGEL by Ridley Pearson

To see the list or to find out more about ITW, click here:  http://www.thrillerwriters.org/


Paul D. Brazill said...

Just seen it. Great news. Well deserved.

Glaznost said...

Congrats mate, very well deserved! Seems like the highs just keep on coming, long may they continue...


Alan Griffiths said...

Super news Matt and well deserved - congrats to you.

Sue H said...

Well done, young man!! You are in illustrious company there - so what's next? Do I hear Hollywood calling.....?

I bet life's like a perpetual rollercoaster for you these days - terrifying, but you wouldn't miss it for the world!

Sincerely - great news, Matt. Well done!

Col Bury said...

Blown away indeed. I bet that tit who gave you one star on Amazon feels a right tit now! (Wish I had the chance - too busy writing - lol).

Absolutely chuffed to bits for you mate. CONGRATS!

Joyce said...

That's fantastic, and very well deserved!

David Barber said...

Absolutely made up for you. It just keeps getting better and better on your 'roller-coaster'. Well desrved, mate.

Regards, David.

P.s. Linwood Barclay is nominated in the hardback books. I've read his first two books and they are well worth a look, if you get time during all the stuff you're up to in the next few months. :-)

Lee Hughes said...

*static radio noise* Matthew Hilton, Mr Matthew Hilton, Cloud Nine is now ready for you.

Congrats, and very much deserved too.

Matt Hilton said...

Pual B, Paul G,Alan, Sue, Col, Joyce, Dave and Lee, with support like you give me, I'm already on cloud nine. Sincere thanks to you all.

p.s. Linwood Barclay is a great read. I've read his first two as well. Also had the pleasure of sitting in the same diner as him at Baltimore - even if Linwood didn't realise it, I spotted him but was too shy to go over and spoil his breakfast. Seriously, though, he's a great guy and up there with Harlan Coben in writing twisty suspense thrillers.

S J Bradley said...

Congratulations! You must be over the moon x

Matt Hilton said...

I am SJ. I can't believe that I was in the list, never mind being shortlisted. I'm indebted to those that have picked Dead Men's Dust out of a brilliant year for new authors. Fingers crossed it'll go all the way to the top, but I'm even thoroughly pleased with this.

Alan said...

One of the few writers who writes a book that actually thrills, instead of a book that would cure insomnia. You deserve to win this. I'm sure this is the first nomination of many.

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks Alan,
fingers crossed (as well as all other bendy extremities).