Friday, 26 March 2010

The Skin We're In

"Even More Tonto Short Stories" is the third collection by acclaimed publisher, Tonto Books. This collection sees experienced writers brought together with new and exciting writers to create an anthology packed with original, quirky, dark and compelling fiction. It is compiled and edited by Caroline Smailes."

Some time ago, I was asked by a mutual friend of Tonto Books to submit a short story for inclusion in their latest anthology, Even More Tonto Short Stories. Between me agreeing and the book being put together, the submission process became one of a competition whereby the 'winners' won inclusion for their story in the book. Rather than mine being a 'name' for the book to trade off, my short story was entered into the competition alongside everyone else's. Now, I could have spat the dummy, demanded "Do You Know WHO I AM?" but I didn't. I decided that the story should rest on its own merits and if it was not good enough, then so be it. To say I was mildly chuffed when it was announced that I was indeed one of the winners chosen would be an understatement. Much more satisfying that way, I think.
So, my story THE SKIN WE'RE IN is in the upcoming book. It is not a Joe Hunter story, but it is a gritty action crime thriller set in the north of England, that I hope all of my readers will love. Alongside me will be a whole host of writers, both aspiring and established authors, as well as my good friend, crime writer, Col Bury. Col's story MOPPING UP also won a coveted place for inclusion and is a brilliant introduction to the book that Col is currently writing.

Even More Tonto Short Stories will be available for purchase from May 6th 2010 and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon at £6.29.


Col Bury said...

Hey, Matt - thanks for your kind words. Having been privileged to have a sneak preview of THE SKIN WE'RE IN, and obviously being ecstatic at having my story included, I'm REALLY looking forward to this anthology.
My first 'offline' crime fiction publication, and one that means a helluva lot to me. Roll on May!

Alan Griffiths said...

Congrats to the pair of you - thoroughly deserved and I look forward to getting my hands on the book as soon as I can.

Kind regards.

David Barber said...

Yes, great work by you both. I'll be getting a copy of it when it comes out.

Best wishes.

Sue H said...

Oh no! Not another book I have to buy....! ;-p

Seriously - well done chaps! I shall be shaking out the shekels to make my purchase!

Glaznost said...

Well done gentlemen, i agree with Sue; yet another book i have to buy! Col, hats off for your first "real" publication, i've read your stuff and you really deserve this!

Col Bury said...

Hey folks - ta very much for your good wishes to lift the old spirits.

I'm all the more honoured to be involved in this anthology as Matt's in it too - makes it that bit more special for me (but don't tell him!).

Glaznost, it's very nice of you to say that, fella - cheers!

Matt Hilton said...

Hi Col,
must be an exciting time for you, mate. I know what it was like waiting for my first printed book and the seconds felt like hours, the hours like days, then, bang, all of a sudden there it was in all its glory. just knowing that your work is in print is reward itself (of course buckets of dosh shouldn't be sneezed at either LOL)and it's a real buzz seeing your by-line for the first time. Savour the moment, you've earned it.

Alan, Sue and Paul.Thank you all for the support (yet again). I hope the money is a good investment for at least a few hours reading enjoyment. I'd better put my order for a copy or three in as well!

Matt Hilton said...

Slap on the wrist. My last should have read: Alan, Sue, Paul and David. Apologies Dave.