Monday, 15 March 2010

Let's start Howling!

Although I've had no creative influence into the book 'Howl' edited by Mark Anthony Crittenden, it's one I've been eagerly waiting for and am happy to say my copy is now winging its way over the Atlantic and towards my eagerly grasping hands.

There are a few pertinent reasons for this:

1. I love savage horror tales.
2. It's a new take on the man-beast/beast-man tales we're all used to.
3. It's got a cool cover beautifully modelled by author Erin Cole.
4. Some of the contributors are firm favourites of mine, and I like to even count some of them as firm friends I've made through the process of writing and through the blogosphere, including Lee Hughes, Paul D. Brazill, Erin Cole et al.


5. It marks the print publication debut of my little brother, Jim Hilton, (who occasionally writes as James Hilton or James Oliver Hilton) who for some time now has shared my ambition to be a full-time writer. Jim's story INTRODUCING GEMMA NYE is included in the anthology, and I have to admit to being proud as punch for him. Jim is a writer I admire, and he has a seriously wicked sense of humour that shines through his often very dark fiction. At present he is working on his first novel, a crime fiction thriller featuring his recurring short story characters of Danny and Matt McMurdo - collectively know as 'McMurder'. To find out more about Jim's work see

Howl is available from Lame Goat Press, and soon on


Paul D. Brazill said...

Jim's a pretty tasty writer, Matt. The Gemma Nye story is a beut.

Matt Hilton said...

looking forward to reading yours too.

David Barber said...

Yes, I've read some of Jim's work on TKnC and I'll be checking his site out. Some great writers in the antho and I've got to say Erin looks " fangtastic " on the cover. Sorry, I couldn't resist that.

MkCrittenden said...

You're gonna love it. I guarantee it. :)

Col Bury said...

Some proper horror writers in this n I look forward to reading it.

I've visited Jim's site on numerous occasions and I invariably stay longer than I'd planned. His stuff on TKnC is top notch and I'm well chuffed he's making his well deserved debut in great company.

Well done to all involved and I must also say a big Fangs to Erin for the cracking cover shot!

Matt Hilton said...

Dave, Mark, Col, thank you all. Not long after writing this blog, the book dropped through my letterbox, and I must say, it's top notch, can't wait to get my fangs into it.

Hey, Mark,they're some cool illustrations inside as well.

Lee Hughes said...

I'll class you as a firm friend, I'll let you be priviledged, the wife now calls a hangover - doing the Hilton - she swears that was the worst hangover she's had, I call it a Thursday lol.

Just re-reading that, - doing a Hilton - that sounds bad, might have to have a word with 'her indoors'

Matt Hilton said...

Lost for words, mate...give me a while and I'll come up with something witty.

Doing 'A Hilton'. I wonder if I can market that?

Matt Hilton said...

Cu Sith and Mother's Milk. A classic Hughesian tale.

Forging my way towards yours Paul.

Lee Hughes said...

Cheers feller, glad you liked it. Cost you enough to get it over lol, would either be chuckling or feeling bad if you thought it a bag of poo lol