Thursday, 11 March 2010

Podcast interview with little old me

Click here to watch a candid interview conducted by Sue Allan on behalf of the WORDS BY THE WATER literary festival, where I talk candidly about my writing, and in particular my second book Judgement and Wrath.

(and before anyone asks: yes, I was going for the baggy-eyed look!)


Sue H said...

What a 'sensible' shirt, Matt!! ;-p

A very interesting interview - nice to hear your thoughts on the 'writing process' and I think you may have converted your interviewer! Maybe she'll go and read DMD and S&B!!

Good one, Matt!

Lee Hughes said...

Was that an 'At home' Interview where you made sure the furniture was moved to showcase your personal collection of books to show the well-read side of you?

Great interview Matt. The lady even came up with a great serial killer story title...Six and Counting

Matt Hilton said...

It wasn't my house, Lee
It wasn't my shirt, Sue

One of those was a lie

Cheers folks, glad you liked it.

Sue H said...

.....does that possibly mean you don't own a 'sensible' shirt, Matt???? (or just the oft-quoted 'tea-towel' variety!)

Matt Hilton said...

Either that or I'm not well-read.

David Barber said...

NIce one Matt. It seemed a nice and relaxed interview. I'm trying to get a story finished for your midnight deadline. Working like an idiot since getting back from Manchester so time is running out. Will be at book launch at end of month. It will be good to meet you.

Col Bury said...

Matt, that was a damn fine interview fella - possibly the best one to date. The interviewer was clearly pro-you, which makes a pleasant change from some of these critic-types who pick up on daffodils on the front of covers as a negative instead of the book's content.
She also suggested 'subtleties' which in my book could be as close to a nuance as you can get!
Sue, beat me to the shirt, but this one was much better n showed off guns particularly well!
(Tommo would be proud of you).

Sue H said...

Ah, Col! I couldn't for the life of me remember which one of you guys was always ribbing Matt about his 'attire'! (at least my comment was trying to be polite....!)

I bet the flashy devil will be 'suited' up for this book launch and put the rest of us to shame!

Matt Hilton said...

All 'guns' blazing, but at least it covered my gut, eh?

I've got this lovely pink, yellow and duck egg blue number I was thinking of wearing but decided to spare you all my fashion sense! Or lack of.

Seriously, thanks guys and gal. As I ever I genuinely appreciate the support and look forward to seeing you all at the launch.

mack said...
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Alan Griffiths said...

Great interview Matt and insight.

I enjoyed that, a nice Sunday morning treat.... apart from that dicky-dirt.

Kind regards.