Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Joe's out and about and doing well.

Joe Hunter's second adventure - Judgement and Wrath - is now out in the UK in paperback and I'm over the moon to tell you all that it is very well represented in all the major bookstores, as well as train stations and airports. Also its getting well-supported by the major supermarket chains this time (Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury's to mention a few). Kudos to all the team at Hodder and Stoughton who are working tirelessly to spread the word and getting the books out there for me.

Some shops are already stocking book three in hardback - Slash and Burn - though the official launch day isn't until 31st March. I'd love to do well with these books, but am up against some greats in the thriller genre, no less Lee Child's 61 Hours.


Sue H said...

Matt, don't worry about '61 Hours' - all the dyed-in-the-wool Lee Child fans will have picked the shelves clean already, thus leaving more space to spread out the copies of S&B!!!

And with a little help from your friends we can re-site the Hunter books across the supermarket shelves with each visit. As Mr Tesco says : "Every little helps!"

Matt Hilton said...

I like it, Sue. Thanks for the support.

Glaznost said...

I have faith in you Matt, talent will out and i have no doubt that pretty soon you'll be taking up all the space in more bookshops than you can count! Probably just in time to stop my first one from getting any shelf space! I'm really looking forward to S&B, as i'm sure many people are.

Matt Hilton said...

Ha ha! Won't it be funny when you're lamenting the fact you can't get your books on the shelf for that darn Matt Hilton!!