Thursday, 30 July 2009

Joe Hunter is 'The Tracker' in Italy

I have it on good advice that the Italian version of Dead Men's Dust will be released in Italy by Longanesi on September 1st 2009 under the title of L'Inseguitore which roughly translated comes out as The Tracker or The Pursuer both of which amply describe both Hunter and Tubal Cain. As soon as I get a cover image I'll post it here.


Col Bury said...

Nice one, bud.

Just given your blog an award.

Lee Hughes said...

It doesn't matter what the title is, Joe Hunter harder than Chuck Norris. Simples

Matt Hilton said...

Hey, Col, thanks.
I'll check it out.

Lee, Chuck Norris better bring Steven Seagal and all his buddies!!