Sunday, 19 July 2009

DMD in Germany - Der Knochen Sammler

Hey gang,
I'm thrilled to find this first image of the German edition of Dead Men's Dust now available from Verlagsgruppe Random House.
Anyone out there able to translate the title? I didn't have a Scooby I looked on yahoo! Babel which gives the literal translation of The Bone Collecting Tank.
Further to my last, it appears the book will be released February 2010


Lee Hughes said...

der knochen sammler - The Bone Collector is what the Google translator spits out. Not a bad translation could have come out as - The Pallid Deckchair or something. TKnC has had enough of its stories borrowed and bunged through translators until there's only gibberish left lol.

Col Bury said...

Sehr gut!!!

Matt Hilton said...

Thankun zee very much.

I only hope that Jeffrey Deaver doesn't come after me with a skinning knife!!

Amit said...

Jeffrey Deaver?! Surely if someone was going to come after you with a skinning knife it would be Tubal Cain!!! Be very