Friday, 31 July 2009

Fan Fantasy Fight: John Rambo Vs Joe Hunter

John Rambo is without a doubt one tough dude, but he's also much more than that. Alongside Sherlock Holmes and Tarzan, Rambo is possibly the only other iconic figure to transfer from the pages of a thriler book and into the collective consciousness of the entire world.

Creator of Rambo, David Morrell, is a huge influence of mine, and his naming as 'Thriller Master' by the International Thriller Writers Organisation at this year's Thrillerfest was not only well deserved but - in my opinion - well over-due.

First Blood changed the face of modern thrillers, and there probably isn't a thriller writer out there who hasn't been influenced - directly or otherwise - by Morrell or his most famous creation, John Rambo.

It stands to reason that in some aspects, my creation, Joe Hunter would be compared with Rambo. I'll take that, thank you very much.

A previous entry, and the subsequent comments asked: who would win a fight between John Rambo and Joe Hunter?

Well, Hunter edges Rambo on age and fitness, but Rambo is more experienced. But I don't think they'd fight, I prefer to think that they'd be friends and work out their differences in another manner.

With tongue firmly in cheek, and not a little respect, the debate went back and forth, and fellow writer, Amit Dhand, came up with this scenario:

Hunter: I’ve heard a lot about you; people say you’re the second best assassin in America.

Rambo: Funny, I’ve heard that about you.

Hunter: For me, this is personal, you need to step aside, Cain and I have unfinished business…

Rambo: You had your chance. I’ve never missed a target.

Hunter: Don’t make me go through you, to get to Cain.

Rambo: I was hunting criminals before you were born. I don’t give second chances…

Hunter: I hoped we could be friends…

Rambo: I don’t have any friends.

Hunter: You leave me no choice then…

Rambo: Just walk away. I don’t need your blood on my hands.

Hunter: You misunderstand. I’ll leave Cain to end your legacy. But I promise, I’ll avenge your death.

* Both Amit and I are huge Rambo fans, and this is presented as 'fan fiction' and not to be taken seriously.


Lee Hughes said...

John Rambo - "You want war, you gotta become war"

Joe Hunter - "You want war, I've brought it."

Cue explosions and me nana cheering on the violence, her favourites are John McLane - Die Hard, Dalton - Roadhouse. Nothing more heart warming than watching your nan sans teeth punching thin-air along to violent films...pronounced filums.

Matt Hilton said...

I love the imagery.

Lee Hughes said...
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