Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Bodies in the Bookshop

On July 21st I had the honour of attending Heffers' annual book event at their store in Cambridge.

Unlike other events I've been to, this was unusual in that it wasn't about panels or readings, but more an informal get together of authors and readers of crime and thriller books. There were upwards of sixty - yes, sixty - authors in attendance, covering all the different genres including historical, humorous, police procedurals, psychological thrillers, private eyes, traditional mysteries, Cambridgeshire crime, non-fiction, and a debut crime slot that yours truly fit nicely into.

Heffers is an awesome store and the authors were set out throughout the amazingly well-stocked shop so that readers and fans could wander throughout and meet and speak to those they read.

I was stationed alongside Yaba Badoe, Tom Bale, Mary Andrea Clarke, Adam Creed, Leigh Russell and fellow ITW debut author Jermey Dunns. It was great meeting people who I knew only by names on the covers of their books, and also finally meeting Jeremy (Free Agent) who I have struck up a friendship with via the glories of the internet but had never met personally before.

The wine was flowing freely, and everyone was in a very verbose mood (I was tee-total but I can still yap with the best of them) and it was an awesome event that I hope I'm invited back to next year.

Huge thanks go to Richard Reynolds for inviting me.

By the way, remaining copies of my book were lined, signed and dated, so if anyone around Cambridge wants a copy they have them instore now, anyone else can get in touch with the store on 01223 568532 or by email on literature@heffers.co.uk to request a copy.


Col Bury said...

60 authors - blinkineck!

Matt Hilton said...

Honest! Didn't even get a wiff. The wine was at the front of the store and I never got away from the table where I stationed was at.

Made up for it with half a bottle of Pinot Grigio in a chinese restaurant afterwards. Gave me a good excuse for my poor showing with the chop sticks.

Col Bury said...

That's ma boy!!!
Thought you'd sold out for a sec.