Friday, 19 June 2009

Sunday Sun

I believe that the piece on me and my writing is in THIS WEEKS Sunday Sun. Sorry about the confusion over the past couple weeks...


Alan P said...

Hi Matt. I finished DMD, and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. I really couldn't put it down. I love the character you created, and the ending of the book was fantastic. This is just crying out to be made into a movie. Any news on that front? Looking forward to book number 2.
Cheers for now.

Matt Hilton said...

Hi Alan,
glad that you enjoyed DMD and have taken the time to comment. A lot of people have mentioned the cinematic values of the book and I admit to seeing scenes when I'm writing. Very early on when I got the conract there was some initial interest from a Hollywood studio - but I haven't heard anything since. Fingers crossed! The reality is that there are many books out there that already have a huge following and are begging to be made into movie franchises (Lee Child's Jack Reacher books for instance)so that are more big names out there in line before I get mu chance. I do know that Barry Eisler's excellent John Rain books have been picked up and the first is due for release starring Gary Oldman - so who knows what may come up for Joe Hunter in the future. I'd be interested to hear who readers would cast in the roles of Hunter, Rink, Harvey and Tubal Cain (I've got my own little list in mind - although I've struggled to find a 6'4'' Asian American to play Rink).