Wednesday, 3 June 2009

DMD does the Page 69 test

I was asked by Marshal Zeringue to put my debut novel Dead Men's Dust to the Page 69 test, and if you follow the link above you'll find the end result. It was an excellent exercise in studying random passages from my own book, and seeing as to whether or not I would be inclined to read on.

Suffice it to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

DMD also appears at Marshal's other blog site:

My huge thanks go without saying to Marshal for this opportunity.


Clare said...

Interesting concept, the P69 test. Not sure how much of a taste of the book it gives but your P 69 was certainly intriguing, I remember that scene well.

Matt Hilton said...

Hi Clare,
taken at face value nothing much seems that related to the rest of the book, but as you remmebr it is a prelude to quite a nasty scene involving TC's skill with a knife. It is also important in that 'the game' he is playing harks back to why Martin Maxwell became Tubal Cain. Without looking back at page 69 in detail, even I wouldn't have picked up on this at first reading. It is an interesting concept and one I enjoyed taking part in. There are other similar ideas out there, like the page 99 test and the Chapter 11 test (where you take the first sentence from Chap 11 and see what it tells you about the book). If you are a writer yourself with a novel on the go, it's a good little exercise to go back and take a look at your own work. If not, take a recent book that you've read and do the same and see what comes out of it. You might be surprised.

Matt Hilton said...

Must 'remmebr' to edit before posting.