Thursday, 4 June 2009 review

Another great review of Dead men's Dust at

Big thanks to Percy Babcock.


Col Bury said...

Yet another great review, Matt.
We can't all be wrong!

Matt Hilton said...

Cheers Col.
It's nice to know that some (if not all) people like my books.

Tris said...

Saw your newspaper article a while a go and couldn't believe it was you. Just bought your book (signed copy no less) and am looking forward to reading it.
Congratulations marra!

Matt Hilton said...

Hiya Tris,
fancy you popping up here. great to hear from you. Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye before I left/you transferred. Hope everything's still going well and they're treating you well in Lancs.
Best wishes and hope to bump into you somewhere down the line

Col Bury said...

Tris? Lancs? Surely it's not the one I know is it? Any connections to Manchester?