Thursday, 18 June 2009

Book 4 - Yes, I've finished the draft

As mad as it may seem - what with all the publicity I've been busy with lately - I've finished and delivered the draft of Joe Hunter book 4 to my editor at Hodder and am gratified to say that with very few changes requested I'm almost good to go with this one.

Without giving too much of the story-line away, I think this is about the most action packed of the series to date and I hope everyone likes the finished result when they get round to reading it.

The most difficult part of the process with this one was in coming up with a title that fits the series. I've laboured long and hard on this one, and it's the first time I've ever written a book without a title in mind. But - as of today - Joe Hunter's fourth adventure will be known as CUT AND RUN.

To re-cap, for all of those who have been wondering, or need reminding, the series to date goes (or will go) as follows:

Book 1 - Dead Men's Dust (published in the UK and USA May 2009)
Book 2 - Judgement and Wrath (Coming to UK October 2009, Coming to USA May 2010)
Book 3 - Slash and Burn (Coming to UK May 2010, Coming to USA May 2011)
Book 4 - Cut and Run (Coming to UK October 2010)
Book 5 - Untitled (Coming to UK May 2011)


Col Bury said...

Matt 'Prolific' Hilton.
Deadline...what deadline?

Matt Hilton said...

Hi Col,
what I haven't mentioned is that I still have a load of work to do. Book 2 is still to be line edited along with my American editor, as as is book 3 - so they're not finished for the USA market. 2 and 3 are in the bag over here, but with book 4 there is a little re-writing to be done, then there'll be a line editor, a final edit, a page proof edit etc, so you can see that it's an on-going process. Oh, and I've started book 5 - still Joe Hunter but something a little different this time.
And did I mention that I've written a young adult horror/fantasy called 'Deliver us from Evil', which may require some further work.
Maybe that pesky Vallon Jackson will make a return afore long as well!!
Deadline...I like that as a title for a book. Only problem is, top bloke Simon Kernick has already used it.

Col Bury said...

And there was me thinkin' you didn't like paperwork!
Thanks for the insight - very interesting. Good on yer, mate.
Young adult book too? Maybe your buddy Vallon can assist with the workload!