Friday, 3 October 2008

OLA from Praia da Rocha

Ola, just thought I'd do a quick update. For the last week I've been away in the Algarve visiting the beautiful resort of Praia da Rocha (Rocky Beach) which was brilliant (if you are someone like me who gets off on a totally relaxing time). For the past week I haven't written anything, or had access to a computer, so I was like an addict the minute I got back to my normal life again. I've been hard at it re-writing the ending to book 3 following some sound advice from my agent. I was a little nervous that the new ending wouldn't work, but - blow me! (now there's a phrase you shouldn't use lightly) - I think it actually does work and adds to the book. This change has also given me an idea for book 4 that didn't exist before. Onwards and upwards!!


Col B said...

Welcome back, Matt. I'm glad you've relaxed a bit (you've certainly earned it), but it sounds like you're like a coiled spring now! It also sounds like you've got a jolly good agent. Good luck writing book four.

Matt Hilton Author said...

Thanks Col. Yeah, it was a relaxing time, even though I was on pins half the time, dying to get back to my writing. I did get some quality reading done - Stand by, stand by by Chris Ryan, Hostage by Robert Crais, and I found a great book called Requiem for an Assassin by Barry Eisler which is right up my street and reminds me of vintage David Morrell stuff.