Monday, 27 October 2008

Great to meet you Adrian

While I was in Baltimore I met a great writer and thoroughly nice guy in the shape of Adrain Magson. Adrian might be familiar to some of you as a collumnist with Writing Magazine. Adrian writes a debut authors article for WM. Also, Adrian writes an invaluable guide for beginner writers and anyone wishing to pursue writing as a career/vocation should look up Adrian's articles. Adrian is also a crime writer in his own respect and has a series of books out from Creme de la Crime books.
This is what one of his critics said:
'NO KISS FOR THE DEVIL' - "Magson is a gem of a writer... (he) has a unique and wonderful voice and his characters are unforgettable."
I'd advise anyone to take a look at Adrian's work, and also at his website.

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