Saturday, 25 October 2008

Martial Arts in my writing

Maybe not too many people realise that I have been training in various martial arts over the years. Just to put things in perspective, I've been at it since I was sixteen years old (that's twentysix years of taking hard knocks). I started off with boxing and Shotokan karate, but then moved on to Ju-Jitsu, Kempo Karate and most recently Mixed Martial Arts. I hold a 4th Dan blackbelt in Kempo/Ju-Jitsu and have had a modicum of success in MMA. I was employed in security and as a police officer and over the years I have had to use my martial arts in defence of myself/others and to effect arrests. There's nothing fancy about the blood and snot reality of a fight. I wanted to reflect this in my writing, and I have made Joe Hunter, and his sidekick, Rink, men who have trained extensively in martial arts. Joe often relies on his ability in a fist fight to get him out of danger. Joe's style of fighting is anything but, it's short and sharp, brutal, and gets straight to the point. I have based his style of fighting on military unarmed combat, ju-jitsu and Krav Magda (Israeli Special Forces unarmed combat). You won't find any jumping spinning back kicks here!

There is advice to the writer that you should write what you know. This doesn't mean that you have to relegate your story line to your own experiences, but what it means is to draw on your experiences and knowledge to inject realism into your writing. I've done this with my own books. No- I haven't actually killed anyone by driving their nasal bones into their brains - but I do understand the fear and flow of close quarter combat. I have tried to inject this into my books, writing what I know.

Hope this answers some people's questions


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