Friday, 14 May 2010

Red Station

‘Adrian Magson writes with the authority of a veteran spy master, conjuring a tale steeped in intrigue and menace, interspersed with humour and bursts of realistic violence. Red Station is a terrific thriller, all the more frightening because of the topicality of the events. I was hooked: MI5 agent, war hero, Harry Tate is a very welcome addition to the spy thriller genre and I can’t wait to read more.’ Matt Hilton author of the Joe Hunter thrillers

One of the perks of being a published author is that occaisionally you get asked to read forthcoming books from some of the top writers in the industry. Well, I recently had the pleasure of reading the up-coming spy thriller fresh from the pen of Adrian Magson. It was/is excellent and I'm sure you'll all enjoy it too.

Red Station will be released in the UK and USA by Severn House publishers in August. Further books in the Harry Tate series will follow. To find out more double digit here:


David Barber said...

One I'll be looking out for. I met Adrian at your book launch and he was great bloke with advice aplenty for aspiring writers. A real gent! Good luck to him.

Col Bury said...

I echo Dave's words. Really looking forward to reading this, and I'm so pleased such a top chap and writer is finally getting the credit he deserves.

Matt Hilton said...

I couldn't agree more chaps. You'll go a long way before you find a nicer, more approachable and encouraging guy, not to mention a superb wordsmith who deserves his bite at the big time.

As I said, I was privileged to read Red Station, and it's spot on. There's a bit of a resurgence in the spy novel at the moment, and Harry Tate should be up there at the head of the pack.