Monday, 3 May 2010

Five Magnifying Glasses.... is fast becoming one of 'The' top crime fiction based sites on the internet and to say that I am thrilled that SLASH and BURN has been given a 'five magnifying glass' rating would be a huge understatement.

I admit to having met reviewer Graham Smith way back last year at the Theakstone's Ol' Peculier Crime Writing festival at Harrogate, but at the time Graham probably didn't know too much about Matt Hilton or Joe Hunter, so this review came straight from his heart. Having already penned this review and submitted it to Editor Chris Simmons at beforehand, Graham came along and joined in the launch of Slash and Burn on 31st March 2009 where we were able to discuss in a little more detail the motivation of Joe Hunter and the 'true' meaning behind the inclusion of the Bolan twins. I won't go into it here - for spoilers sake - but I had personal reasons for including the giant twins, and wanted to investigate the morality of Joe's actions through that of someone who truly loves his sibling. Hope my readers get the message, too.

Many, many thanks to Graham for an awesome review. I am well-chuffed.

"Joe Hunter is fast becoming a serious rival to Jack Reacher in the action stakes."  Graham Smith at


Michael Solender said...

well you should be! congrats and continued success matt!

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks Michael,
I do try to remain humble (honest) and a part of me says I shouldn't brag about things like five star reviews - but it does tell me that there are seasoned readers out there who are enjoying the books I'm producing.
As a writer it helps spur me on, and hopefully my small success will help inspire other hopeful authors to similar (or even bigger) success.
Thanks for your support, mate

Sue H said...

Another 'goodie' Matt! I agree with Graham's comments about the more 'human' side to Joe Hunter.

In my view, Hunter is a more rounded human being which contrasts with Jack Reacher's almost obsessive anti-social tendencies (and this from a Reacher fan!)

I'm looking forward to seeing more of Hunter's character unfurled in the coming books.

And forget worrying about bragging - that only becomes a problem if you wear hats (ie. if your head swells!)

One is allowed to blow one's own trumpet from time to time - you go for it, mate!;-)

Matt Hilton said...

Tahnks Sue,

don't worry, I planned ahead and bought loads of expanding hats. Almost on the ten gallon stetson by now LoL

Sue H said...

I could always knit you a balaclava ;-p

Col Bury said...

I've already had a Facebook discussion with Graham about this review as he sent me a message saying it was up.
We discussed the twin aspect too, as I think the Bolans are excellent creations and worked really well (so far as I'm still 'savouring' S&B). I told him it was a very fair n detailed review. Graham's well into his crime fiction and is a regular reviewer so you're right to feel chuffed at this, Matt.
Ps. All the people that count know you're a humble chap so no worries there, bud.

Glaznost said...

Good review, Matt. It probably won't surprise you to know that i agree with the five glass rating, it's bloody well deserved!

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks folks,

Cheers Sue, as long as it's not a ski mask, I still need room for sipping me coffee and don't want to get the wool soggy!

Cheers Col.
Aye, there's a slight tradition of psychotic twins in crime fiction, but I hope that Larry and Trent break the mold slightly.

Cheers Paul - yeah, I kinda got the impression you enjoyed the book ;-)

Lily Childs said...

Congratulations Matt, and well deserved.

Lee Hughes said...

Great to see the big-thumbs up reviews starting to come out for S&B, congrats!

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks Lily and Lee (hey, that sounds like a 70s pop duo, don't it?)

I'm with you - the reviews for S&B seemed to be a bit slow on the uptake, so I'm glad to find them popping up here and there now.