Saturday, 27 February 2010

Willinton Won't he?

OK, please excuse the stupid and less than inspired title of this one. It's just a tie into the fact that I did another library event over at Willinton in County Durham the t'other day, this time alongside Sheila Quigley. Again, a realy cosy little affair with some lovely people all joining in the discussions following our readings. Plus, a repeat appearance from my new number one fan in the northeast 'Ernie', who shared first prize in the quiz to win a copy of one of mine and Sheila's books.

I enjoyed this event, even though the journey over was horrendous, including snow, rain, traffic jams, more snow, thickest fog I've ever driven through, and a temperamental sat-nav that decided I should drive over the hilliest, most snow-covered and fog-enshrouded mountains in the UK to get there. Still, it was an adventure.

Good crack, as they say round my parts (Oops, on second thoughts they probably aren't the best choice of words, but you get my drift I hope.)


Col Bury said...

Will he won't he...? ...keep his side of the bargain for Hodder. Yep, I think he will. Good on yer, Matt. These trips out on a wet northern night are your bread n butter, mate. Just as important as the more glamorous stuff.

Matt Hilton said...

very true and well worth the trip