Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Sleuth of Baker Street on JAW

Great little review of 'Judgement and Wrath' from THE SLEUTH OF BAKER STREET.

This link takes you to a PDF of the latest newsletter and the review is on page 4:

My thanks to all at SOBS for the excellent review.

I met the lovely ladies there while at Bouchercon at Baltimore back in 2008. Nice to see that they remember me and have stocked my books. Again, ladies, thanks for that.


David Barber said...

A great and fair review again, Matt. Although I don't agree with the last bit about the brutal violence. Brutal violence is always good when it comes to wiping out the bad boys. :-)

Congrats mate, David.

Col Bury said...

Yeah, nice little review that, Matt, but who the hell is 'Dentalion'!?

Matt Hilton said...

Freudian slip. Not as bad as my mam's 'Dandelion' LOL