Friday, 5 February 2010

Dzho Khuntur kicks the Reapers butt in HARVESTER

Ok, so after my mumblings this morning about foreign translations and my lack of updates on when the books were coming out, just look at what I found:

It appears that Dead Men's Dust has been translated to/changed to HARVESTER for the Bulgarian edition published by ERA Media Ltd. Joe Hunter is now Dzho Khuntur and I am now Mat Khiltun and Rink is Rinko and Tubal Cain is Reaper.

Here's alink to ERA Media's website:

Here's a link to a review:

And here is the cover:


Matt Hilton said...

Before anyone starts it's said with a silent 'K'.

Paul D. Brazill said...

Any news of Polish translations?

Lee Hughes said...

I'm personally waiting for the Yiddish version.

טויט מענס שטויב

Col Bury said...

I looked at the links, saw a pic n some 'words' then flicked straight back ere - yep, I believe you, Matt, it has definitely been translated!
Good stuff, mate.
Ps. No comment on the names!!!

Matt Hilton said...

Nothing as yet on a Polish translation Paul. Y'know, and I don't mean this to sound racist in any way, but I think that the publishers in the UK are missing out on a huge market with all the Polish immigrants that are here. Can't see why no one has come up with an imprint. Couple thousand copies would likely do it.

Lee, I admit to playing around with Google translator and seeing what key words came up in all the different languages. Great fun. The Yiddish version would look neat.

Col, I have a button to translate, and it's really weird reading about yourself in a foreign language. Things don't translate that well, or they do so too literally. "Some call me a watchful citizen." It just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Matt Hilton said...

"Some would call me a watchful citizen, but I think that only solves problems." Dzho Khuntur


"Some may call me a vigilante. I just think I've problems to fix." Joe Hunter

See what I mean?

Col Bury said...

Bet there's some more belters throughout the book. Must be weird for you, sort of being misquoted like that. But the main thing is Joe Hunter's becoming a worldwide force!

Sue H said...

Well, Matt, I guess that's the price of fame!
People could be slagging you off in another language - and you'd never know! ;-p
(Tho' I'm sure they're not!)

Anyway - how does it feel, to know Joe Hunter is going global?

Matt Hilton said...

Col and Sue,
It's a fabulous but very surreal feeling. I've mentioned it before that it's strange to know that my books are out there in forms of language I haven't even the slightest understanding of. It's exciting and a learning process actually finding and comparing and coming up with the translations.

All great fun.

David Barber said...

Matt, sorry missed this post but, wow, you must be made up with all of this. Screenplay next, mate. Only what you surely deserve.

Regrds bud, David.

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks David,
yeah that would be a large dollop of icing on the cake. But I haven't heard anything yet. The books haven't made that much of an impression in the States yet. DMD has only been out in hardback over there, so most still haven't seen/heard of the books.
Who knows though?
Mind you there are huge literary stars out there - Jack Reacher, Elvis Cole, Harry Bosch,etc - that still haven't had the Hollywood treatment.