Thursday, 19 November 2009

Unsolicited Comments Welcome...

Some of the kindest and inspirational comments I receive about my books come from my friends and family, and I guess that to some extent you would expect that to be the case. I am grateful, obviously, but every now and again I come across a totally unsolicited comment from people who do not know me, who may not have even read any of my books, and these really are touching indeed.

Take for instance a letter sent to Cumbria Life magazine in response to an article published about me in May this year:

"Carlisle and Morton School, should be proud of crime writer Matt Hilton (Cumbria Life, May), who did not have the advantage of a grammar school and university education like many other writers, but left school at 15. He must surely be Cumbria's writer of the year."

Well, I'm honoured that someone should even feel like that having read about my story, and to have taken the time to voice an opinion. This was without an agenda or any other reason than perhaps the author of the letter felt inspired by my tale. My huge thanks go to Tom Moore (who I'm pretty sure I've never met before) from Southport for his very kind words. Inspiration is reciprocal, my friend.

...and also thanks to Val, (who is a friend), for buying the magazine, just so she could cut the snippet out of the pages to pass on to me. That's inspirational too.


David Barber said...

HI Matt, me again.
Yours is a great story but you have worked really hard for all your success and long may it continue. I am striving to be in your position one day (As are lots of other writers.) and I will plug away and keep on chasing that dream. The comments you received just go to show that even with all the badness going on we are still a nation where the majority of us are sincerely good people.
All the best Matt.

Col Bury said...

'Cumbrian writer of the year.'
Good idea that n nice of the chap to write in.

Couldn't agree more.

Tina said...

Matt, I bought Dead Men's Dust today. Can't wait to get into it tonight!

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks David and Col. In hindsight it seems a little egotistical of me to have posted this, but I genuinely was touched. But on re-reading it doesn't sound that way at all (egotistical, that is), and David, you're right. On the whole, people are good at heart and like to see people do well - shame about the few nay-sayers out there, but where would we be without balance?

Tina, thanks also, and I hope you enjoy the book. I'd be interested to hear. Lots of women have loved it, but some see it as a bit of a 'blokes' book.

Tina said...

I'm not really a woman's book sort of woman (scary stories etc...) I like good books and I'm looking forward to yours.