Monday, 16 November 2009

From Blue Suede Shoes to a Cool Blue Cover

Here's a little interview I did regarding my early days and how i got started in the writing game. Hope you find it informative.


Lee Hughes said...

That was a very personal glimpse you gave us into your life, thanks. You're also giving something back, with the time that you spend on TKnc, along with Col. It's sounds flowery, but with your blog it's made the whole idea of actually having a chance to make it that much more realistic. You've not made yourself aloof. You've stayed grounded and always have time for questions or anything.

I do have one question, was being a Rockerbilly and having a dance around the back of the art class each lunchtime the reason you had to learn how to fight?

Matt Hilton said...

No, it just made me look better when doing so!

David Barber said...

Great words Matt. You do seem like a decent, grounded bloke and Col had confirmed this when I met him back in Manchester. Would hope one day to confirm that myself and get down to one of your book signings with Col. I've said it before but a big "hats off" to yourself (And Col) for putting the time in with 'Thrillers' as it has certainly got me back on the writing trail.
Regards, David.

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks to you both in regards TKnC. It was always my plan to pay it forward. I was writing in a vacuum with no help, no sounding board and no community to 'ask', so when I got my contract, the least I could do was try and make it a little easier for others to build their 'platform' (apparently that's the buzz word these days instead of CV). I'm chuffed to bits that others - and I can probably aslo speak for Col in this regard - have gained something from our efforts.
cheers lads

Col Bury said...

I couldn't agree more, Matt. TKnC has been inspiring for many people, including me n it's great to be part of it.

Good to hear about your school days, Matt - funny too!

Although extremely heart-rending, it's nice to know Megan read DMD, and influenced and encouraged her dad to become an author he longed to be. Hope you don't mind me saying, but my guess is she's been with you every step of the way, mate.

Tina said...

Matt, I'm so new here, but thank you for the insight. It's cool to meet you guys!

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks Col. I'm touched.

Thanks also to Tina, and welcome.

Alan Griffiths said...

Great interview and insight Matt. Also, a big thank you from me (and to Col) for all your work on TKnC, which is a great help to all the aspiring authors featured. Best wishes.

Col Bury said...

Oh, n thanks a lot, chaps, for the comments about TKnC.