Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Hear me on BBC Radio 5 Live

Tomorrow, Thursday 12th November 2009 at 3pm I will be appearing live on Simon Mayo's show on BBC Radio Five Live to speak about Judgement and Wrath - Joe Hunter's latest thrilling adventure.

You can listen in via the website at:

or on SKY TV on channel 0105

or listen on radio at 909/693 AM


Lee Hughes said...

I'll be tuning in for a listen. I know it's serious and your career but let's make a game of it, see how many times you can put the word 'botty' into the interview!!!

1-3 occurences 10 points
4-6 occurences 20 points

Col Bury said...

Matt has probably missed your proposition, Lee, as he'll be on his way. So I'll be a little more realistic and we'll have a private one on one comp.
I'll go for the word, 'Aye'. One point for each time will still beat your ten points for one mention of botty, Lee!

Matt Hilton said...

No botty's I'm afraid, Lee, but i bet there were a few Ayes , humms and errs.

David Barber said...

Hi Matt, I was working til 10pm last night in a little place called Killin (great place name, eh?), you may know it, and the reception there is almost zero. Is there anywhere I could find it that you know of. Cheers pal and congrats.
Regards, David.

David Barber said...

Hi Matt, I found it, listened to it and I'm surprised you didn't turn into Joe Hunter and turn your gun on said "critics".
Are they daffodils on the cover? They're quite obviously house windows!
Is that a gun or an iPhone? It's a gun and the bullet inside it has got your name on it!!
Sorry, but I've got to rant! I would love to see any one of those critics put 5 novels together, let alone one!
Well done for holding it together. I'm now off to my anger management session.
Regards, David.

Matt Hilton said...

Hi David,
I love Killin, and have recently stood proud on the waterfall by the bridge. Stayed in a cottage on Loch Tay (on that very narrow south road) and I've also stayed at Kenmore. That part of the country is very dear to my heart (being a Blairgowrie boy meself). I was in the cafe/restaurant on a few occasions at Killin, the one with the stuffed capercaellie (not sure that's how to spell it) with the big dog that lies by the front door. BUT, never yet got onto that little isalnd where the graves are. Must come back and do it again sometime.

In regards said critics; apart from the daffodil fiasco, I was pretty pleased with the outcome. Being literary they're usually a lot more scathing towards 'commercial' thriller writers like myself.

David Barber said...

Hi Matt,
Yeah, I suppose we're all critics in our own right but some people like to have it on their CV as a job title.
Beautiful part of the world round the Killin area and if Col ever comes up I'll take him to stand in the very spot you stood in.
BTW It was just off that very narrow south road where I was working, the view from their numerous acre back garden was unbelievable.
Regards, David.

Col Bury said...

Matt, the main thing is that you came across well - your down to earth self - and didn't rise to the 'bait' if you can call it that. Novel discussed for the masses to decide - job done.

I'll hold you to that - sounds like my kinda place: love scenery.

Matt Hilton said...

Hi, Col, thanks mate. I would take David up on the offer if you ever get the opportunity. One of my favourite places I've ever been. Beautiful, awe-inspiring, and not to mention a working crannog (an iron age roundhouse on stilts on the loch).

David, you weren't at Rock House were you? Some of the most stunning scenery I've ever seen out of a window (or across a multi-acred back garden!)