Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Christmas looming

It has suddenly occurred to me just how close Christmas is looming. To be fair my mind has been on many other things and the pending celebrations have barely impinged on my mind as I've been so busy writing. I love Christmas. I love everything associated with it when we talk about giving presents and renewing friendships and hugging our loved ones and Bing crosby songs and Santa Claus. I don't like the commecialisation of the season - I don't think anyone does. Readers of this blog may have already noticed that one of my all time favourite movies is 'It's a Wonderful Life'. I can't help it, it's just such a great moral tale that I catch it whenever I can. As crazy as it sounds, but I was thinking about that movie whilst writing a scene in an upcoming Joe Hunter book. Don't worry, there are no angels seeking their wings, but there is snow. I don't think IAWL would be the same with gunfights and stuff, but the movie did influence me in a big way. I suppose at its root, the movie is a crime thriller (all those shady goings on at the bank and the theft of money etc), so maybe the movie resonates with me on more than one level. Plus I'm a big ol' sentimental romantic. I just love all that 'happy ending stuff' that goes with the movie. I'm probably wishing that the world was still the same as it was when the movie was made and that people would come together to help and to show their support - though I saw none of that when the Northern Rock debacle hit the news. On the flip side of my last comment, I was there when devastating floods hit my home city of Carlisle and people did rally together, so there are incidents that renew my faith in the human species.
Anyway, what's got me going on about all this?
The weather forecast promises deep snow for Cumbria tonight. Well, I'll be waiting at the window, watching for the first flurry and thinking about what a wonderful life we lead.
Nuff said the now

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