Monday, 15 December 2008

Shoot 'em up - Point Shooting the Joe Hunter way

I visited my editor in London this week and one of the lovely surprises (apart from the delicious meal that Sue treated both my wife and I to) was a copy of the shoot 'em up game developed by Hodder and Stoughton to coincide with the launch of my first book, Dead Men's Dust. The game is a shooting gallery type, where you have to rely on speed and accuracy and a quick reload to defeat the knifemen coming out of the long grass. This is based on the fact that Joe Hunter is an adept of a quickdraw and shoot style coined 'point shooting', and gives the reader the opportunity to try their skills to take out the bad guys. Pretty soon the game will be made available at various locations on the Web, and also at my webiste at
Further levels with different bad guys will be added with each subsequent book.
Why not stop by and see if you can beat my personal record of 14 hits (but I'm getting better) and see if you could go into battle shoulder to shoulder with Joe.


Concha said...

many blessings

Col B said... that all?
My six year old lad said he could do better than that. So beware, cos guess what his name is...Joe!!!

Matt Hilton Author said...

my eye to hand coordination is off these days (must be to do with all this looking at computer screens). Got to give people an incentive (my high score was really 114!!)

Matt Hilton Author said...

Thanks for the blessings Concha