Friday, 5 December 2008

BBC Radio Cumbria last week

Forgot to give you all an update. Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of appearing on a BBC radio interview at the Carlisle studios. I was interviewed by Kevin Fernihough, and was on air for the best part of an hour. True to form I only got a very small portion of what I wanted to say over, but it was a great experience nonetheless. As I am a little narcisistic, I drove home quickly to hear how the interview had went only to find that my good lady wife had been tuned into the competition channel and had missed the entire interview. Non-deterred, I brought up BBC Radio Cumbria's website where you can listen again to the shows, only to find that the particular programme I appeared on hadn't been downloaded (Kevin is a new return to the show and his programme hasn't been added to the site). Ergo, I don't know how I came across. Ach, never mind.
keep on keeping on

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