Friday, 28 November 2008

Foreign translation list continues to grow

As followers of this blog will already be aware, Hodder and Stoughton own the rights to publish my first five books in all UK territories, while for USA rights, William Morrow and Company hold that distinction for the first three. I've also mentioned that Verlagsgruppe (Random House) will be translating my first book into German, Longanesi will be translating the book in Italian, and RIO Publishing will be translating the book into Romanian.
It has just come to my attention that Era Media - whose list of authors include Agatha Christie, Adele parks, Jeffrey Deaver and Catherine Alltiott - have just acquired the rights to publish Dead Men's Dust in Bulgaria.
The list of foreign translations continues to grow and it is beginning to look like I'm going to have to build some new shelves were I can display all the different editions of my books. What a great feeling.


Col B said...

Great news, Matt. A world renowned author. How much better can life get!?

Matt Hilton Author said...

Cheers Col. Things are looking good as far as the market goes. All I have to do now is sell a good few thousand books and I'll be doing okay.