Friday, 2 April 2010

Thanks for making the launch special

I just want to personally thank everyone who came along to the launch of Slash and Burn and made it such a special night. It was fabulous having so many friends, family and fans of Joe Hunter along to make the evening go with a bang!

To my writing friends (in no particular order) Adrian, Sheila, Col, David, Sue, Paul, Graham, etc, I hope you found the night helpful and informative and you all had a good gas about the writing game. I apologise that I didn't have enough time to spend with each of you at length, but look forward to doing so at a future date. Thanks to you all for coming - some of you had some major travelling on your plate even to get there, and it's very much appreciated.

Thanks also to Sue Fletcher and Jack Dennison for the huge support - and to Eleni who wasn't there but made it all happen.


Sue H said...

It was a blast, Matt!

(even though I think I may have been traumatised by an encounter of the 'triple threat' - Col, David and Paul - en masse! :-o )

And thankyou for writing superb books! (and on that note - less of the celebrating - get back to that keyboard.....!) ;-p

Col Bury said...

It was an absolute delight to be there and share yet another superb evening with you, mate.

This time with the added dimension of writing chat n banter with our growing band of like-minded friends.

I wonder which one of us will be sending out the invites next...!?

Ps. Probably YOU n next time I wonder how many more will join the party...?

David Barber said...

Matt, it was a real pleasure to meet you and to find out what I'd already been told. You really a genuine, down to earth bloke and it was great chatting with you. Look forward to catching up again and if you ever are up this neck of the woods you are more than welcome to pop round for a coffee.

Thanks also for your hospitality over at the hotel. A great night that was very insightful. With the added bonus of meeting Adrian and Shiela and also other aspriring writers. (Col, Paul, Sue, Graham)

Thanks again, mate.

(Next time I won't be driving and working the next day. Nearly fell asleep at the wheel. A bad habit I've got. :-) )

Glaznost said...

Thanks for a cracking night Matt, even though you had to spread yourself about a bit it was still a pleasure actually meeting you and all the others who made it a night to remember. I'm still buzzing...

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks all, it was spot on. I've had a look at your blogs where you've all mentioned being there and thank you all for doing that.