Thursday, 8 April 2010

Judgement on Judgement

It's good to see a fresh round of reviews coming in for Judgement and Wrath now that it's been published in paperback, and I was genuinely thrilled to read this one from Reviewing The Evidence dot Com.


Sue H said...

Glowing praise, Matt - and richly deserved! (and that's not just the 'hired claque' applauding)

Doing my 'bit' - I gave someone the 'third degree' at work about there choices of Kernick, Billingham etc. and suggested a certain Matt Hilton! Unfortunately, all the library copies are out on loan, countywide, so the excited customer was directed to the local bookshop and WH Smiths - toute suite! ;-)

Glaznost said...

That's a really good review Matt, you must be over the moon. I agree with Sue, it's richly deserved.

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks Paul, yeah, I'm chuffed with the review.

Sue, it's also great news that all library copies are on loan, it means the book is popular and might translate to further purchases. Thanks for sending that customer off to the bookshop. It's words in the right ears like that that is the making of an author. I think word of mouth is worth as much as any advertising campaign. Thank you.