Sunday, 4 April 2010

Slash and Burn Launch: photo gallery

David Barber, Matt Hilton, Denise Hilton, Ann Magson, Col Bury
David Barber, Col Bury, Matt Hilton, Adrian Magson, Paul Grzegorzek
David Barber, Col Bury, Adrian Magson, Graham Smith, Paul Grzegorzek
Matt Hilton
Matt Hilton, Sheila Quigley
Matt Hilton, Adrian Magson

Thanks to Adrian and Ann Magson for the use of all these photographs.
As usual I didn't get my camera out!!


Col Bury said...

Great stuff meeting up again. It was a cracker of a night.

Ps. I don't know why Dave insists on standing on his soapbox for every photo though. Feel like a dwarf next to him... anyway, just gotta dash up a yellow brick road to see a wizard. :)

Sue H said...

Ah! So that's what you all got up to before I arrived!

Great photos (you look almost human.... ;-p)

Seriously - was a great night!

(Col - I'll buy you your own personal soapbox for next time! Then you can both look down on li'l me!)

Glaznost said...

Even a soapbox wouldn't be enough, maybe a pair of stilts?

I see that the Magsons have one of those new-fangled cameras that makes me look like my head is four sizes too big for my body!

And what was the word that made us laugh so much, was it constipation? Beats saying "cheese" any day!

David Barber said...

A great night, Matt and thanks for your hospitality at the hotel.

Regards, David.

P.s. What were Col, Adrian, Graham and Paul looking at in the third photo???

P.p.s. You can get on my shoulders next time Col. ;-)

Glaznost said...

Speaking of the third photo, David, why is it that you suddenly look like a schoolboy who's been caught doing something wrong? And i'm not sure what we were looking at, but apparently it was interesting. I look like i was about to punch it.
Must stop standing like a bouncer...