Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Phil the Shelf with Joe Hunter books

As previously mentioned, I pre-recorded an interview with Phil Rickman for BBC Radio Wales. Well, here it is. Just click here to listen in. It's a great little mix of thriller writers including MR Hall, Stella Rimington, oh, and me. If you only wish to listen to my bit, it starts at 16 minutes and 50 seconds (although I'd advise listening to the full show to get a full flavour of the show).


Sue H said...

Aha! Very good! I like your comment about standing up to bullies!

And it was good to hear your voice - nice to hear that Carlisle accent coming through! (made me all nostalgic for my dear departed Mum and family who were Carlisle born and bred!)

So, Matt - any more appreances we can look forward to?

Lee Hughes said...

Enjoyed listening to it. The presenter got the names right, so that was a good thing.

Col Bury said...

Well done, Matt. You're getting good at the this radio lark. And no silly critics to contend with!
All good - nice one.

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks to you all. Sue, to me I find I sound terrible, but I guess I come across OK?

I haven't any appearances planned before Christmas, but am doing a few in the new year, libraries, a couple festivals and also going to Crimefest in Bristol in may. Oh, and ther'll likely be a book launch for number 3 around April 1st in Carlisle.

Sue H said...

Will you post details of when/where in Carlisle - we are due a visit up that way ("rellie-bashing" as my OH calls it!)- so we could call into Carlisle, too!

(you sounded fine to me, btw!)

Matt Hilton said...

Yeah, I'll be posting them in the side bar 'where to meet Matt' before too long. There's also a diary of events over at the Joe Hunter fan forum 'The Arrowsake Allumni' - you can find a link to it in the side bar on this collumn, or via my website at www.matthiltonbooks.com - in fact, why don't you join?
In regards the next book launch, it will most likely be at Waterstone's, Scotch Street, Carlisle on or around 1st April, but watch this space!