Monday, 21 December 2009

Musings and Paradoxies

It's that time of year when - even if you're a writer with a book to deliver - you get sidetracked by everything else going on around you. Of course, it's coming up Christmas, so I've been doing what everyone else has been doing, ordering the turkey, stockpiling the sage and onion stuffing, writing cards, selecting and wrapping presents. All the stuff synonymous with the time of year. In amongst it all, I've also been guest blogging, posting some great stories (by other authors) over at my sister site at Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers, and chewing the fat with other writers about their latest WIPs etc. I haven't got much done myself. Saying that, I've just finished a final edit on Joe Hunter  book 5 which I'll be sending to my publisher in the new year. Fingers crossed that all will be well and that it will be eagerly snatched up. I've also been thinking about Joe Hunter book 6 with a view to a new contract. I got a 5 book deal - but I want more!! Bru-hah-HA- HAAA!!! (Sorry, turned into an ego-maniacal world dictator there for a second or two). Seriously, it's just hit me, that as soon as I hand over book 5 then that will be my contract fullfilled and I will once again be in that uncertain situation where I'm not working to a specific deadline or with a brief of what I should be delivering or when. Exciting, but scary, at the same time.
Worry not, all ye Joe Hunterphiles, Joe won't be hanging up his trusty Sig Sauer P226. Book 5 is done but Joe isn't. I'm pretty damn certain that he'll be with me for a long time yet.
God, I'm speaking like you've already read all the books. Some of you over in the US have only had the pleasure of Dead Men's Dust up until now. Over here in the UK, Judgement and Wrath is already doing the rounds in hardback, with book 3, Slash and Burn, gearing up for an April 1st 2010 launch. Book 2 will be out in the US next spring, with book 3 in the spring of 2011. So really, I'm not out in the void, as I'm still delivering the books to my US publisher for the first three.'s a bit weird.
The publishing game is paradoxical in that way, I guess.
What I'm writing now with book 6 - supposing it does get picked up PLEASE - will be out in the UK around August/September 2011, and if the schedule doesn't change will be out in the US in 2014 (that's if those darn Mayan's haven't got it all wrong and the world doesn't end in 2012!). WEIRD (in capitals no less).
Happy holidays wherever you are


David Barber said...

Hi Matt,

Just finished J&w and was very impressed, so I for one am looking forward to 3, 4 & 5, and if they go as the first 2 have gone then 6 and the rest will certainly be in publication. (Too many numbers there...) That's certainly not blowing smoke, Matt. The books are really well written that flow very well and keep the reader interested as to what is on the next page. I sincerely wish you every success with all your future projects.

Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and All The Best For 2010.


Pat R. said...

Just opened my Crime Spree magazine and saw your picture. Looked like you were having a good time.

Looking forward to your next book. Have a wonderful holiday.

Pat Reid

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks David,
all glowing praise is much appreciated! LOL

Thanks Pat,
I don't get Crimespree Mag (shame on me) and only get a look at it on the web. What was the pic alongside - Bouchercon, I'm guessing.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Alan said...

If the first book was anything to go by, I've no doubt that you'll get a new contract.

Merry Christmas.

Glaznost said...

I doubt you've got much to worry about mate, i suspect that Hodder will leap at the chance to publish more of your books. Have you seen how many hits you've got on google just on your name alone? (Of course you have, if i were you i'd sit there all day giggling and putting my name into the search bar...)

Anyhoo, as i said the other day i'm loving J&W, and am eagerly looking forward to the rest. Oh, and merry christmas!

Glaznost said...
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Lee Hughes said...

Matt, I don't think you'll have to worry about not picking up another contract. Happy Christmas!

Sue H said...

Matt - no worries about renewing a contract - your fans will picket the publishing houses until they give us what we want - MORE JOE HUNTER!! ;-p

Have a relaxing time over the turkey and your favourite tipple!

Cheers, Mate!
(still savouring J&W - but getting scarily near to the last page....!

Col Bury said...

So you are 'normal' then? Doing all these Chrimbo things like the rest of us. And here's me thinking you were some superhuman writer - book 6!!!?? There must be more than one of you! Has that Vallon Jackson bloke been helping you out?
It was less than two years ago when you hit the headlines, wannit?
Jolly good show, fella.
All the best to you n yours n, like everyone else, I feel another contract coming your way next year.

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks to you all for the support - I'm not really as insecure as the post sounds, and am pretty confident that Hunter will be around for many years to come. Of course, it's down to the lovely people like you all that buy and read the books.
P.S.In the event that the unthinkable does happen, I'm all for picketing the publishers, just in a peacable and calm manner, I couldn't possibly advocate any vigilante action ;-)

Sue H said...

Matt - never mind picketing the publishers in a 'peaceable and calm manner' - we'll just send Rink in! ;-p

Paul D. Brazill said...

DMD is a great book and I'm looking forward to J&W. Great work at TKnC too. All The Best! Paul