Monday, 28 December 2009

Grit Lit welcomes Joe Hunter

I just spotted this review of both me and Dead Men's Dust in Myles Knapp's column Grit Lit at the Contra Costa Times. Although my prolific output is a tad misquoted, I'm not complaining. A damn fine review in my estimation.

Since originally posting this story I have had the pleasure of communicating with Myles Knapp, who informed me that the story runs in a number of newspapers. "Generally it runs the entire family of papers which includes the San Jose Mercury, Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune, San Ramon Valley Times, Marin IJ, the San Mateo Times plus a bunch of other papers. Plus they offer it for free to a bunch of non-competitive major city dailies." So it looks like the word is well and truly spreading on the West Coast of the USA. My genuine gratitude goes out to Mr Knapp.


David Barber said...

Now that is what I call a review. Congrats Matt. I'm sure you'll get many more like that for J&W...

All the best for 2010, mate.

regards, David.

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks David,
yeah, I thought it was a cool review. Don't know where the newspaper is situated, so I'm guessing that it's talking from the American publication schedule perspective.

And all the best, mate.

Col Bury said...

Nice review that n the prolific tag isn't that far from the truth.

All the best for 2010, Matt, n all your readers.