Sunday, 17 May 2009

Thanks to all

This is just a rush blog having just arrived home after 5 days on the publicity trail. Just wanted to express my thanks to everyone for all the support - it's greatly appreciated. The launch was an overwhelming success, as was my day in London and the subsequent days spent at CRimefest in Bristol, UK.

I will do a much fuller report when I am able to get my head out of the clouds and un-cross my eyes!


Col Bury said...

Nice one, Matt. I knew it would be.
They're chatting about you over on TB, too:

Island Girl said...

Great interview on Radio Four's 'Open Book', Matt. Amazing that I can listen to you from the other side of the world. Enjoyed hearing your comments. Best of luck with everything.

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks to you both.
Hi IG. I missed the show (even though it was prerecorded - I hope I didn't sound too star struck sitting opposite Miss Frostrup.

Clare said...

Just you stay up there in the clouds Matt and enjoy - we'll wave up to you!
Delighted the launch went so well -you obviously have a huge fan base already.
I also enjoyed the Radio 4 interview - think it's repeated on Thursday at 4pm if you haven't managed to catch it on i-player - you didn't sound star-struck in the slightest (and I much preferred your and Karens' accents to Mariella's!)