Friday, 22 May 2009

The Book Launch - how it went.

Things have been a little crazy in the past week and I thought it was probably about time I got round to writing a short piece on the book launch that took place last Wednesday evening at Waterstone's in Carlisle.

Basically it exceeded all expectations with - at one point - more than three hundred attendees. I was a little awestruck by the volume of friends, family, well-wishers and readers who turned out to help celebrate the launch of Dead Men's Dust. Looking out from my little enclave, surrounded by books, there was a sea of faces looking back at me. The emotion in my voice wasn't feigned - very genuine and heartfelt, it was. Demand for the book was amazing, and the 120 copies I had to hand sold out in no time, with another 50 ordered. That was stunning. And I want to thank all those who kindly elected to wait to pick up their copies to allow those who'd travelled to get theirs first. What an amazing group of people. Thanks to you all.

I went back in to Waterstone's on Tuesday to sign and dedicate all the books that were ordered, so if you haven't picked yours up yet, they're there waiting for you. While I was in store, another six copies went to readers approaching me while I laboured away at a table in Costa. What a great feeling that was - being approached by people who had no vested interest in me, only a joy of reading.

Unfortunately, and even though I took along my camera, I was so carried along with the event that I forgot to snap any pics. Others did, so when these become available to me I'll post them here.

Thanks to everyone for attending - without you it would have been a pretty quiet affair.

Keep on keeping on folks!

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Col Bury said...

It was a true joy to be there.