Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A round up...

As it's highly likely I will be away from this blog for a few days, I just wanted to do a quick round-up of all that's happening with me over the next few days.

Today I launch the book - Dead Men's Dust - at the Waterstone's branch in Carlisle, Cumbria.

Tomorrow I'm travelling to London and will be recording an interview with Mariella Frotrup for BBC Radio 4's Open Book, to be aired on Sunday at approximately 4pm.

Those of you in the north of England and Southern Scotland can catch me on the 6pm Look North programme - I had a busy day recording yesterday, and though it hasn't been confirmed with me yet, I believe it will be aired tonight or tomorrow. Apparently you can watch it on-line as well (but I haven't got the appropriate link yet).

Crimefest will take up the bulk of the next few days. I will be there from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon - so if you're attending come say hi.

Great guy and author of the superb spy novel, Free Agent, Jeremy Duns sent me a photo of DMD on sale in Stockholm, at the English Bookshop in Gama Stan, which is the old part of town, so as you can see the book has started to do the rounds in Europe. (see photo at top).
OK, busy-busy day, so I'll write again soon.
Thanks to all the well-wishers who have been in touch


Amit said...

Matt, best of luck with the launch. Was trying to make it up to Cumbria but its not likely to happen! Enjoy the launch and really well done again! I've pre-ordered my copy from Amazon - i just need ot track you down at some point now for an autograph in it!!!!
Hope to catch you when you in the north - Harrogate crime festival perhaps??

Author said...

Hiya Amit, and thanks for the best wishes. Yes, I'll be at Harrogate and look forward to meeting you at last. Good luck with your own projects, hope everything is going well.

Michael Solender said...

congrats mate! all the best.