Tuesday, 28 April 2009

If you've got problems to fix speak to Joe Hunter

Hey all,

Joe now has a telephone number where you can speak to him:

From the UK call 0061 458 178 980

(be mindful this call is to Australia where Joe is on a short sojourn - the call does cost and is only a bit of fun so don't call if you're counting the pennies).


Sean Black said...

Genius! Only the Aussies could get away with using the line "Bugger off and buy it" on a recorded message.

Matt Hilton said...

Cheers Sean, I posted this only out of fun. I hope people don't send me their phone bills.

Love it, it was recorded by someone called 'Razor' who's a celeb over there apparently. The street posters are also stirring things up with people actually emailing Joe for help! A reporter even wanted to interview him!!