Sunday, 5 April 2009

Col Bury's second at The Rap Sheet

It's great to see my good friend and fellow crime Writer beginning to get the recognition he deserves. Col's excellent interview with Manchester, UK, based Chris Simms has had a mention over at the Rap Sheet. This goes to recognise both Col and Chris' excellent discussion on writing.


Col Bury said...

Cheers, for pointing this out, Matt. I've been working so I missed it. It was a thoroughly enjoyable Q&A with Chris and I'm pleased more people will now have the opportunity to read it.

Matt Hilton said...

No problem. It's all good stuff and all goes to raising your profile.

Hey, by the way, how'd you add the hit counter to your blog? Could do with that on here, I've no idea how many people even read this.

Col Bury said...

I'm off to work - running late! Will sort it 2moz.

Col Bury said...

I can't do it on TKNC.
Click on the my hit counter n it should take you to the link - if not: