Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Chapter 11 test

At Central Crime Zone, Jon Jordan has asked bloggers to post the first line of Chapter 11 of the book they're reading, and throughout the blogosphere, readers and writers are taking up the mantle. I thought that I'd do the same test with my own debut, Dead Men's Dust, and see what stands.

So here it is, the first line from Chapter 11:

'Only eight miles from Los Angeles International Airport and thirteen miles from downtown L.A., Santa Monica was pretty much Tubal Cain's most favourite place on the western coast.'

Sense of place? Who's Tubal Cain? Why's Santa Monica his favourite? I suppose that taking a random line like this can get the old grey matter buzzing.


Pat R. said...

Pick up a copy of Dean Men's Dust and meet Tubal Cain. You won't forget him.

Matt Hilton said...

Cheers pat, that's what i keep telling everyone :)