Thursday, 18 September 2008

Website changes

Anyone visiting my website at will notice a few changes over the next couple of days. You may have already noticed that this blog has been moved to the home page under the NEWS banner. Also a couple of the short stories will have disappeared from the FREE STUFF pages. Worry not. I intend to keep this page updated on a regular basis and i will be posting new stuff there in the future. At present there is a Weapons of Choice page and two short stroies featuring another of my characters in a more gothic/horror setting. I hope you enjoy reading them. Very soon on my website you will see the cover art for the UK edition of Dead Men's Dust, as well as a very exciting video introducing Joe Hunter. I'm excited for you!

Keep on keeping on



Skinner Gets Convinced said...

Ooh, "Homecoming"s gone... That's a good one... Are you expanding that into a full novel and/or including it as a chapter?

Skinner (requiring convincing)

Matt Hilton Author said...

Homecoming has gone and pretty shortly so too will be Instant Justice - can't say too much at this stage but they may be published in another medium.
Thanks again for the comment...uh, do I call you Skinner?