Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Dead Men's Dust

Things have hit a turning point now. I can feel it like it is a high tide on its way. Since the initial rush of the announcement of my 5 book deal with Hodder and Stoughton, and the subsequent 3 book deal with William Morrow and Co (Harper Collins), I have had my nose to the grindstone working very hard. Along the way I've had some great experiences, but for a few months there - other than writing - I didn't seem to be doing much else. Now I've just done a radio interview and am looking forward to attending a premier screening of a new BBC production (what's wrong, I hear you ask, couldn't they get any real celebs?) and the future is looking rosy. I've gained a few new friends recently and got back in touch with some old ones who I'd lost contact with. All down to my burgeoning fame (I know that sounds very fancy an' all). People are coming to me for writing advice. I do like helping others, but I have to caution some people and remind them that it is only my opinion. I'm just learning the trade myself. Any decisions should be their own. Any way, I digress. Things have hit a turning point. I now feel I'm definitely on the slope down to publication and I can't wait. It's still 9 months or so until Dead Men's Dust hits the shelves, but if it's anything like the preceding 6 months it will fly in.

Keep writing and reading



Col B said...

Hey, Matt. Regarding maximizing your publicity, why not go on Big Brother! Obviously you'd have to take your laptop. (Just me being facetious.) It sounds exciting, being an A-lister!

Matt Hilton Author said...

It is very exciting (not that I'm claiming A-list status yet!)and not a little frightening too. I had a great time in London if I discount the blisters on my feet and the dodgy knee I got from wandering up and down for 13 hours while waiting for my train home. God, it's a hard life this writing lark!!!