Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Dead Men's Dust Vs Dead Man's Dust

There is some talk concerning the US edition of the book being renamed as Dead Man's Dust. This is for purely marketing reasons and does not affect the book in any other way. I just hope there is no confusion. For the duration I shall still refer to the title in its plural as that is what is ingrained in my psyche. Although I haven't got an exact publication date, I think it will be contemporaneous with the UK edition which comes out on 29th May 2009.


Skinner Gets Convinced said...

Hey Matt,

I can sort of see why they're veering towards the DEAD MAN'S over the DEAD MEN'S because it'll open up posters to, I dunno, crime scene body outlines traced with ashes, or a full body ashen shadow, or the like. Personally I prefer DEAD MEN'S DUST as it seems much more enigmatic and creepy. It's almost ritualistic. But that's me. Great news any which way.

Matt Hilton Author said...

HI Skinner(?). You've probably got a point there with the imagery - I hadn't thought about things along those lines. The plural version is taken from a line in the book and is pertinent i.e. more than one man's dust.
Good hearing from you

Skinner Gets Convinced said...

Well never judge a book by it's cover... especially if it's the American version. Only kidding... It's all good.

Skinner (convinced)