Thursday, 22 December 2011

Six of the Best for Christmas

Joe Hunter: Six of the Best can now be pre-ordered for your Kindle to be delivered to your device on 19th January. Why not treat yourself?

Six of the Best Joe Hunter has always hated bullies. And Tony Largo is a bully who has picked the wrong target when he assaults a war veteran.
Homecoming Joe promises a grieving mother he'll bring her son home, whatever it takes.
Sand Dance When a hot-dog seller gets mugged, Joe finds a sneaky way of getting revenge.
UV Ray Joe and his best buddy RInk don't play by the rules when they take on a child abuser at a bowling alley.
Instant Justice Carl Riley didn't sound like the name of a beast. But he was a man who preyed on the faceless young who worked the neon strip. Until he came face to face with Joe.
The Other Side of the Street Joe plays the Good Samaritan.

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