Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My Inspiration

OK, there are many of you who will read the heading above and think that I'm going to start naming names  of all the authors who have inspired me to date. I think I've already done that on a number of occasions and you're probably sick of hearing me going on about the same people. No, all I'm going to do here is mention one name in particular. That name is ADRIAN MAGSON.
Now I'll probably embarrass Adrian in saying so - he's such a humble guy - but of all the author's I've read and admired, Adrian probably gave me more of an inspirational boost than any. Now it could be quite simply that Adrian was the first 'real' author I ever corresponded with, but his words of encouragement gave me the proverbial kick up the butt that my writing aspirations required way back when I was still aspiring to be published. Adrian might not even remember our short email conversation, back when I bit the bullet to congratulate him on hearing of his publishing deal with Creme De La Crime for the first in his Gavin and Palmer series. On Adrian's urging I submitted my latest novel to his publisher - and it was rejected. But, hey. Not such a bad thing. Because I also gained some great feedback and advice from both CDLC and Adrian. As a result of that I continued writing. Believe it or not, but prior to that I was on the cusp of giving up on my writing dream. The advice was just the push I required, and glad I am that I spoke with Adrian that time.
Since then I've followed Adrian's writing, through the Gavin and Palmer books, and more recently through Red Station, and Tracers (Harry Tate series), and Death on The Marais, and Death on the Rive Nord (tbr) (Lucas Rocco series). But also, I have also avidly followed Adrian's 'beginners' column in WRITING MAGAZINE. I was chuffed to hear from Adrian recently that he had plans to pull all his columns together in one volume, and here it is. WRITE ON! The Writer's handbook.
For any aspiring author there's good advice on writing, and there's great advice, and from Adrian you only get the latter. This book is a superb addition to any author's shelves - beginner or advanced - and - written in Adrian's engaging, anecdotal and witty style - is actually an enjoyable read (unlike many text books). An interviewer asked me recently which book on writing I'd recommend, and without pause I said Stephen King's ON WRITING. I wish I'd had Adrian's book on hand at the time because my answer would assuredly be different. I'd have said Adrian Magson's WRITE ON and Stephen King's On WRITING. Yeah, it really is that good in my opinion.
You can grab yourself a copy here:


Sue H said...

Had a lovely 'tweet' from Mr M this morning which inspired today's blogpost - then, blow me down, he leaves a smashing comment and sends a great 'tweet' afterwards full of praise :-).

It doesn't take much to give a few words of encouragement - and I've had my fair share from authors like yourselves - but it sure means a lot to us 'also rans'!

Matt Hilton said...