Saturday, 13 August 2011

If you like Joe Hunter then you'll like...

The sixth Joe Hunter thriller from Matt Hilton
The second Harry Tate spy thriller from Adrian Magson
The second Ryan Lock thriller from Sean Black
The second Paul Dark spy thriller from Jeremy Duns (aka Free Country)
The first in a new spy thriller series featuring Will Cochran from Matthew Dunn
The first 'Victor' spy thriller from Tom Wood
The second to latest Dan Shepherd thriller from Stephen Leather


Tyson Adams said...

Some new authors to check out, cool!

Already a Steven Leather fan, Rough Justice was the second book I read of his.

Stephen Leather said...

Thanks Tyson! And thanks for the mention, Matt!

Matt Hilton said...

Thanks both. Must get my hands on your next book, Stephen.

Col Bury said...

Crackin' list there, Matt. Thanks.