Sunday, 3 July 2011

Me and technology doesn't mix...

So I sold out...

I went and got myself one of those Kindle e-reader thingamajigs, despite my inner protestations. I've held out for a long time (hell, I'm the type who only recently changed from a VHS recorder to SKY+, and still play CDs as opposed to MP3s) in the hope that people would see sense and go back to buying 'real' books.

But I got to thinking. I'm currently doing re-reads of some of my own books, before forging ahead with edits, and with a few long flights ahead of me shortly, thought it would be much easier with them on a Kindle device than carting 600 + pages of one book, and 300 + pages of another, in my hand luggage.

Oh, yes, it's easy to download your own documents. All you do is plug in teh USB lead provided and then drop your files into the Kindle icon. So said the salesman.

Yeah, right.

So how come it didn't work for me? OK, they appeared in the doc folder in the Kindle icon on my computer screen, but they didn't appear on my Kindle.

A google search ensued.

Try compressing the file to a zip. Yep, Zip's the word, because although the title then appeared on my Kindle, the damn thing wouldn't open. Is it me or what?

Now then, the story continues.

Oh, you can email them to Amazon to convert and then they'll send them to your Kindle. Woohoo!

Oops, you need wireless technology to do that.

D'oh! I have my internet hardwired to the router cause I don't get any damn wireless coverage from my network (did I mention I live out in the sticks?)

Then you'll have to up-grade and pay and extra £41 pounds to get 3G technology.

OK, I can do that. Simple swap then and I'll pay the extra?

Yes, but we close in 45 minutes.

78 mile round trip to my supplier (for the second time today).

Oh, didn't I say you needed wireless for this model? says the salesman.

No. You told me I could USB it to my hard-wired router.

OH! Sorry. You need wireless.

So give me the 3G one.

Can you wait? I can't do a refund because our computers and tills are down.

(Back to good old paper and pens, and we get things sorted).

By the way, I'm not sure if you'll get 3G coverage out your way. You might still have to drive to somewhere with more coverage to download stuff. (The salesman is now taking a couple surreptitious steps away and placing a counter between us).

I just scowl.

Back home, I try again.

The email works. Yeehaa! But I can't have a free download, I have to pay, because I'm not using Amazon's free service and the 3G is more expensive.

Why you little..... it me or what?

Can't see me ever loving these things.

But watch this space.


Glaznost said...

Sounds like hell. At least with paper books you don't have to go back and buy the 3g version. I feel your pain.

Michael Malone said...

I feel your pain. Hate all that techie stuff.

Anonymous said...


Actually, not funny. I'll be the third to say "I feel your pain."

Give me back my 8-track player.

Col Bury said...

Hate all this explosion of Kindle malarky. I can't keep up with it all. I just hope it peaks, then people realise the beauty of books again. I fear, however, we'll all have to catch up soon enough... :(

Ps. That salesman deserved more than a scowl, mate!

Anonymous said...

Got a Barnes & Noble Nook Color for Christmas and I've only bought 4 books for it. Living here in the U.S., I can go to Amazon UK and order a book and have it shipped here. Yet, if I buy a Kindle here and go to the UK site, you see the message, for UK customers only. Why's that? It doesn't make sense to me. I still like the feel of a book anyway.

John Carson