Thursday, 23 June 2011

New Direction, New Covers, New Chapter

On sale in the USA 29th Nov 2011
I'm excited to announce that Joe Hunter has been given a bold new look from my US publishers  (Harper Collins) and because i now know that advanced reader's editions of the books are now going out I am happy to share the new look covers for the books. I'm over the moon with them and think the design team have did a splendid job. More excitingly, both books come out almost back to back with Slash and Burn coming in October, while Cut and Run follows only a short month later. Add to this that Slash and Burn includes a brand new chapter never read before, and there's something for Joe's fans to look forward to. Hope you are as happy as I am?
On sale in the USA 25th Oct 2011


David Barber said...

Those covers look the business, Matt.

Matt Hilton said...

Yeah, I like them too. I'm hoping they'll be eye-catching when they're on the shelves. Could do with snagging some more of the American market.